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Our origins date back to 1959. Mr. Manuel Pastor García Rocha (the father of the current managers, Manuel, Julio and Francisco García Otero), ran his small workshop business in Bendrade (Oza-Cesuras). The first steps involved buying and selling forest pinewood and then transforming it into boards and planks using a mechanical saw carriage and five employees.

Hermanos García Rocha S.L. was incorporated in May 1974. The García Otero brothers boosted the transformation business by purchasing and mounting a complete Armentía saw production line, achieving a production volume of 3,000 sq m of sawn wood within its first year.

They also started to sell wood from the forest to the paper paste and agglomerate factories, which were being set up in
Galicia at that time.

In the middle of the 80s, another cutting and saw line was included, duplicating the production of boards, planks and derivatives. We also began to transform Eucalyptus globulus for making tool handles and other applications.

From 1990 onwards, the third generation joined the business management and professionalism.

Activity of the company

The Company currently has a staff of 40. Both the headquarters and the management have not changed since the business started.

The surface area measures 20,000 sq m in the town of Oza-Cesuras, with 5,500 sq m of covered facilities divided into two departments for first and second transformation.

Since 2003 the production line was renewed when a bi-cut saw carriage was purchased, together with drying equipment to provide the market with thermally treated wood, an stacker-classifier to increase competitiveness in handling and classifying the products, one multiple solid wood cutting machine to optimise cutting with regard to optimal use, an optimiser for faulty wood, a moulding machine for finishes in wood floorings and other products and, for lastly, a “Finger joint” machine for joining various different pieces into one and to achieve large sections without knots or imperfections in the wood. All this enabled the development of new products and therefore opening new markets.

Throughout its existence, Messrs. Hermanos García Rocha have managed to achieve important milestones, including the following:

1 Consolidating the third generation of a family company.

2 Modernizing the production system, from first to second transformation, valuing products coming from the Galician mountains.

3 Implanting ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards, as a quality assurance and environmental system, carrying the CE marking

4 Implanting the Chain of Custody and sustainable forest certificate stamp from the PEFC Asociación para la Certificación Española Forestal [Association for Spanish Forest Certification], reaching the start of sustainability.

5 Creating new products in response to current social needs.

6 Duplicating turnover in the last decade.

Download certifications:

ISO 9001ISO 14001quality and environmental systemMarcado CEFSCPEFC

Download listing products with the FSC label

Supplier Evaluation System Statement

Forest exploitation

Another activity that our company undertakes is exploiting pine forests (for use at agglomerate and board processing plants and Eucalyptus globulus (for producing paper paste).

To do so, we have a technical team of qualified personnel, with experience in felling operations and logging wood from forests, besides using forest processing machines and autoloaders.

Our company extracts a volume of nearly 100,000 metric tons every year from Galician mountains, always under the premises of Sustainable Forest Management (the PEFC Association and FSC certification).

Commitment with the Environment

Wood, the central element of our business, is an ecological material that is part of nature. Its (sustainable) use even benefits from this. Wood is natural, renewable and recyclable. It contributes to reducing climatic change by storing carbon and saving energy during its transformation and use. It is easy to perceive in society as a whole that there is an increase in awareness of environmental topics (the conservation of natural areas, climatic change, etc.). We have signed a commitment for good environmental practices in our company, a commitment that makes us comply with the general principles for respecting the environment, promoting and putting into practice sustainable forest management, using clean production processes and adequately handling waste material.

Respecting the environment permits sustainable development, allowing future generations to continue enjoying the resources of the planet.